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On an Instagram poll, I asked if you were interested in hearing about the supplements that I use, along with other tricks and tips that I didn’t discuss in my Bootcamp post.  The large majority of you said “yes!”

So, in this post, I will share the three S’s that I currently can’t live without. Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post or paid advertising, and I have no affiliation with any of the brands mentioned. It’s just my honest opinion based on experience.

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*I have never held back on taking supplements. Whether it’s vitamins or diet pills, I’m always looking for an extra boost to assist my eating and exercise efforts. Please realize, it is highly unlikely that any supplement or “trick” will help you lose weight without doing the hard work of eating a proper diet and exercising. With that being said, I usually use the following supplements on a daily basis:

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has many benefits for overall wellness, and it can assist with weight loss and digestion. The best brand to use is Bragg’s. It has also been known to reduce belly fat, fight bacterial infections (including yeast and vaginal bacterial infections–Men: you can also transmit these types of infections to your partner although you won’t have any symptoms!), lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol. This article discusses the potential ways that ACV can assist your weight loss efforts.

Vitamin C

Most of us are aware that Vitamin C can help boost our immune system and keep us from getting sick. Did you know that it can also facilitate weight loss and help you carry less fat? Getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin C can increase body fat utilization during moderate-intensity exercise. Therefore, not consuming enough vitamin C may hinder weight and body fat loss.

However, don’t overdo it! One of the negative side effects of taking too much Vitamin C is abdominal cramps (I have experienced this, and it’s not pleasant). Read more about the correlation between higher doses of Vitamin C and weight loss here.

Garcinia Cambogia

Dr. Oz was the first to popularize this supplement, also known as Green Coffee. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. When I found it at Walmart for $10, I thought I would give it a try (this is the exact one that I take ). I was surprised to find that it really works for me! It helps curb my appetite.  It’s also supposed to help prevent your body from storing fat. Learn more about the supplement in this article.

Diet Pills or Thermogenics

Honestly, I first look at whatever is on sale! Next, I read the ingredients and try to stay away from the ones that I think will keep me from being able to sleep at night (pay attention to the caffeine content).  I also start out with ONE pill (instead of the 2 or three per dose that is often recommended).

I have recently found a brand that I love because it allows me to sleep but still helps give me energy and curbs by appetite. It’s called Zycor and it seems to be sold exclusively online here. Michael gave this to me as a gift which is why I didn’t find it in the grocery or drug store (I know it seems like a funny gift, haha! But he knows what I like).

However, as I mentioned, I cut the dose in half (one pill twice a day, instead of 2 twice a day). I also recommend Green Tea extract supplements; read more about the benefits of green tea here.


If you have access to a sauna, studies have shown that regular use can aid your weight loss efforts. In addition to shedding excess water weight, it can keep you from suffering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness–read an article that I wrote about it here) which means quicker recovery to help you stick with your workouts. It can also reduce blood pressure, keep you from catching colds, and improve cardiovascular health.  Some even say it can help boost your metabolism.  Here is one article which discusses some of these health benefits.

If you don’t have access to a full-size traditional sauna, there are affordable at-home options like this sauna blanket. I have used both options, and while I prefer the real thing, the blanket still works and is very convenient for at-home use.

Set-Point Theory

One of the secrets I forgot about until recently, is set-point theory. I have to be honest; even though I knew about this concept, I hadn’t thought about it for years, and ignoring it was definitely halting my progress. I came across this excellent article, and it rejuvenated my motivation and hope.

In a nutshell, the science of set-point theory maintains that your body tends to stay around a certain weight (give or take a few pounds) at a given time. This is the same weight your body will revert to after you’ve gone on a “crash or yo-yo” diet. Your set point can change, up or down. This explains why people tend to struggle with losing weight as they get older, because your set point keeps getting reset higher and higher with age.

The good news is, you can change your set point weight!  You just have to MAINTAIN it for approximately six months (although some will say it doesn’t take that long).  For the past few years, I had forgotten the importance of maintaining my weight loss.  So, I would lose, start eating cheat foods again, gain the weight back, engaging in a cycle of losing and gaining, and ultimately not making any significant progress. This time I am determined to reset my body weight set point, and continue to reset it until I reach my goal weight.

If you haven’t read it yet, I HIGHLY recommend you read the article that I have linked in the first paragraph of this section.

Knowledge is Power

As always, I have provided outside links (written by other professionals) for you to do some reading and engage in your own research.  Please empower yourself with information before you take action.  Don’t just take my word for it!  What works for one person, may not work for another.

*Disclaimer: Please consult a physician or healthcare professional before engaging in a fitness or weight loss program, taking any supplements or using a sauna. 

pink zebra biker shorts

pink zebra biker shorts

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nike sports bra

pink zebra biker shorts

fitness model

nike sports bra

nike sports bra

fitness model