Dissertation: The Black Playboy Archive 

Committee: Mary Wood (Chair), Mark Whalen, Faith Barter, Camisha Russell


Fall 2020-Present, PhD Student, English, University of Oregon

2020, MA, English, La Sierra University 

2000, BA, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Dance Major, English and Women’s Studies double Minor


Mid-Late 20th-century Black American literature, Afrofuturism, critical race theory, medical humanities, African American popular culture, psychological thought, memoir/autobiography writing, Ethnic Studies and sound studies.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Lowe Jones, Holly. “The View From the Riverbank: James Baldwin and The Evidence of Things Not Seen.” James Baldwin Review, Vol 9 (Sept. 2023), Manchester University Press.

Lowe Jones, Holly. (accepted 4/28/23). “A Counter-Story: ‘The Daughter Who Became My Mother’ in Margo Jefferson’s Negroland.Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, University of Nebraska Press.

Lowe Jones, Holly. (under contract 8/16/23). “‘Gnashing the cornstarch:’ Narratives of Pica in African American Literature.” The Perch Magazine: A creative arts journal with a mental health theme, Yale University.

Lowe Jones, Holly. (under review). “The African American Playboy Archive (1960-2014): An Annotated Bibliography.” Resources for American Literary Study, Penn State University Press. 

Lowe Jones, Holly. (under review). “Present Cogitations on Sonic Resistance: Afrofuturism and the Sound of Shabazz Palaces.” American Quarterly, Johns Hopkins University Press.


Lowe Jones, Holly. (2022 October). “A Counter-Story: ‘The Daughter Who Became My Mother’ in Margo Jefferson’s Negroland.” Paper workshopped at 27th Annual Gender & Sexuality Writing Collective, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.

Lowe Jones, Holly. (2021 March). “Hyperempathy, Pain and Pandemics: A Medical Humanities Approach to Reading Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and Clay’s Ark.” Paper presented at 2021 OEB Literary Society Conference, St. Paul, MN (held online due to COVID-19). 

Lowe Jones, Holly. (2019 November). “Understanding the Disparities in the Treatment of Pain and Mental Illness in Black Patients: The Bluest Eye.” Paper presented at 2019 PAMLA, San Diego, CA.


Lowe Jones, Holly. (2023 February). “Black Behind the Bunny: The Textual Production of African American Men at Playboy Magazine.” Poster Presentation at 2023 Graduate Research Forum, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

(Invited) “Space Jam and the Intersection of Afrofuturism and Critical Race Theory: A Claim of Copyright Infringement.” Guest presentation for 300-level English course taught by Dr. Faith Barter. University of Oregon, Eugene (2021 May). 

“Socializing and the Drinking Culture of Academia.” Graduate student and faculty panel for the English Graduate Organization. University of Oregon, Eugene (2021 September).

Lowe Jones, Holly. (2020 December). “Ishmael Butler’s Trickster Technology: Shabazz Palaces’ ‘Chocolate Soufflé’.” Paper presented at First-Year Graduate Student Conference, University of Oregon English Department, Eugene, OR (held online due to COVID-19). 

Lowe Jones, Holly. (2020 June). “Racism in Early American Poetry: Dismantling the Moral Undertones of James Grainger’s ‘The Sugar-Cane’.” Paper presented at Racism, Nationalism, Xenophobia 3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference (held online due to COVID-19).  


Spring 2022, Assistant to the Culturally Responsive Teaching Team, University of Oregon

Fall 2020-Spring 2021, Writing Tutor, University of Oregon 


Fall 2023- On leave

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 College Composition II Instructor, University of Oregon

Fall 2021-Winter 2021, College Composition I Instructor, University of Oregon 

Spring 2021, Teaching Assistant, University of Oregon 

Fall 2018-Spring 2019, College Writing Instructor, La Sierra University 


University of Oregon 

WR 122: College Composition II (Fall 2022-Present) 

This course develops written reasoning as a process of argument. Attention is given to increasingly complex critical reading in the academic setting. Students continue to focus on revising and practice further how to develop effective theses and compose essays in which they control the reasoning that supports their theses.

University of Oregon 

WR 121: College Composition I (Fall 2021-Winter 2021) 

This course develops written reasoning through discovery and inquiry. Through writing frequent essays, students explore the relationship of the thesis to structure and audience. With a strong focus on the process of revising, students regularly work on editing. 

University of Oregon 

Teaching Assistant 

HUM 240: Medical Humanities (Spring 2021) 

This course provides a framework for thinking critically about illness, medical access, and the concept of health using humanities methodologies. Students will examine questions of structural inequities in medical outcomes and experiences based on gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc. 

La Sierra University 

ENGL 111: College Writing I (Fall 2018) 

This course develops critical thinking, reading, and writing essential for college-level papers. Students work on individual writing processes for both expressive and descriptive writing with movement towards academic writing. 

ENGL 112: College Writing II (Winter 2019) 

This course focuses on academic discourse (explanation, argumentation, persuasion, and incorporation of credible sources) and features of effective writing, including organization, development, use of evidence, diction, logical flow, sentence structure, standard grammar, and usage.

ENGL 113: College Writing III (Spring 2019) 

This course emphasizes the development and use of research skills (in addition to critical thinking, reading, and writing) essential for creating college-level research papers. Emphasis on writing argumentative, critical, documented, research-based papers using either APA or MLA style.


University of Oregon  

2023-Present, Graduate Assistance Fund Advisory Committee, Secretary

2022-Present, English Graduate Organization Composition Committee  

2021-Present, English Graduate Organization Diversity Committee 


American Federation of Teachers-Oregon

Diedre Mackey & Grace Misztal Scholarship, 2023

University of Oregon

Sherwood Travel Award, Spring 2023

Center for the Study of Women in Society Travel Grant, Winter 2023

            English Department Travel Award, Fall 2022

Sarah Harkness Kirby Award Nominee, Fall 2020 

Graduate School Promising Scholar Award, 2020-2021 

Steingart Fellowship, 2020-2021 

La Sierra University 

La Sierra University Grant, 2018-2019 

William Smith College 

Cum Laude 

Dean’s List, 1996-2000 

Emerson Scholarship, 1997 

Nat King Cole Scholarship 1999-2000 

Hai Timiai Honor Society 1999


Available Upon Request

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