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Hello Friends,

Happy Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend; I know I did!

I’ve been using Yon-Ka on my face for a couple of months now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these incredible, spa-quality skin care products! ?

???-?? ????? ?????? ??????-????, ?????????, ????? ???? ??????-????? ???????? ????????. They recently celebrated their 65th anniversary, and you can find this line in thousands of spa locations worldwide ?.
~I’ve had the opportunity to try the following:
  • ???? ?: ??? ????????? ????????? ???- Composed of 96% ingredients of natural origin, this mildly foaming cleanser with plant-based cleansing agents refreshes skin. It sweeps away all traces of makeup, pollution and impurities on the skin.
  • ???? ?: ?????? ???-?? ???????????? ???? ?????- Optimize your skin care regimen with this versatile healing water. Drench your skin with the solar charged energy of five aromatic essential oils for purifying, toning, and invigorating effects.
  • ???? ?: ??? ????????? ???????? ???? ?????-Our silky, elegant anti-aging serum reprograms the skin’s youthfulness. It enhances cellular longevity, boosts cellular longevity proteins, and revitalizes cellular energy. Optimizes skin functions by restoring the intercellular communication between skin cells, and reinvigorating oxygenation. Wrinkles appear smoother, skin feels firmer and the complexion supremely radiant.
  • ???? ?: ??? ????????? ?????????? ???? ?????- Our exquisite anti-aging cream is a powerhouse wrinkle cream designed with three proprietary Yonka botanical complexes that combine to fortify the moisture barrier, effectively firm skin, and enhance skin’s reflectivity for a beautifully youthful radiance.

~The Age Exception line is ideally suited for mature skin undergoing hormonal changes. My skin looks and feels amazing after one use. These are exceptionally high-quality products!? Of all of the skin care I’ve reviewed, this line is my favorite.

I am currently doing school work and trying not to fall behind on anything.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have two classes. At noon I am the TA for an Intro. to Drama class, and at 3:30 I have Memoir/Autobiography.
Chat with you soon,