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     Several months ago, I received a couple of complimentary skin care products from OFRA Cosmetics through the Octoly platform. Please note, this blog post is NOT sponsored or affiliated with Ofra or Octoly. My positive review is completely unbiased.
     Below, is my original review of the After Makeup Cleansing Balm after using only once or twice.  It is now my GO-TO makeup remover, and by far my favorite! In fact, I love it so much that I’m almost out of the tube they sent me, so I just placed an order for a few more bottles.
     Why a few? Ya’ll… I ordered a few because this product is on major SALE!  It is normally $15 a bottle, but it is now only $7, plus if you use my link, you can get another 20% off! I am sharing this find with you because I am truly in love with this product and the price is amazing!

Here’s the review that I posted on Instagram a few months ago:

??‍♀️?I’ve mentioned before that removing makeup quickly and easily is super important to me.  It’s hard enough putting in on, so I want the removal process to be both efficient and good for my skin. ⠀
Girlfriends, this after makeup cleansing BALM by @ofracosmetics is the BOMB! ⠀
•This nourishing cleansing balm removes even the toughest makeup without stripping the skin. ⠀
•Made with Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E, this silky, lightweight balm easily MELTS away impurities and helps the skin retain moisture that keeps it looking more youthful and radiant! ⠀
•I still have makeup on in these pics because I’m getting ready to take it off with this @ofracosmetics makeup removing balm, but you guys, my skin GLOWS after using it! And it’s good for all skin types.⠀
•You can rinse it away with water, but I prefer wiping it off with a warm, wet washcloth. ⠀
#OFRACosmeticsgiftedme You can use my promo code: OFRA20: Get 20% off your purchase with ➡️ my link for the 20% off

About the Retinol Cream

I have been using the OFRA Retinol Cream at night on a regular basis for a month or more. I was sent this product a couple of months after I received the balm. I’m not as overjoyed with excitement about this product as I am with the makeup remover balm, but I definitely like it a lot.

Retinol creams should be used at night, and many beauty bloggers swear by using retinol.

Honestly, since I am just starting out with beauty blogging, I need to learn more and use it for a longer period of time before I start preaching about it.  But, I definitely like this one a lot so far!

“Exfoliating comes easy with this self-care wonder cream. Retinol Cream sloughs away unwanted buildup, improving the skin’s complexion over time without creating skin sensitivity. This anti-aging and antioxidant-rich formula, good for all skin types, reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots, fine lines, and pores.”product description from OFRA website

Overall, I am very excited about this brand.  I really love the products I’ve tried, the packaging, and the story behind the brand. The price point is fair, and they have great sales!

If you get either of these I would LOVE to hear from you.



ofra cosmetics skincare ofra cosmetics skincare After Makeup Cleansing Balm Ofra after makeup cleansing balm

Current price as of 9/11/20

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