COOLA has done it again!

They sent me their new organic skincare line–and it’s really good.?☀️ (Scroll to the bottom for a brief life update! 🙂 ).COOLA skincare

I already love and use COOLA sun care products. And after just one use of this skin care collection, I am equally (if not more) impressed. ?

An added bonus: the bottles are beautiful!?????????

COOLA organic skincare collection

Glowing Greens- Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel: An organic cleansing gel that flushes skin with purifying plant juices and nourishing extracts to clear away impurities for freshly glowing skin.
COOLA Glowing Greens Detoxifying Cleansing Gel
Vital Rush- Skin Renewal Serum: Hydrates skin and improves the look of pores. Helps skin rebound from stress and stay glowing.
COOLA Vital Rush Skin Renewal Serum
Refreshing Water Cream- Sunscreen:A water cream that delivers a surge of hydration and SPF 50 protection. Mitigates the visible effects of blue light, infrared rays, and pollution.
COOLA Refreshing Water Cream
Day SPF 30 & Night Eye Cream Duo: This Vitamin C-infused day cream protects and helps reduce the look of fine lines. A Resveratrol-infused night cream helps restore stressed skin.
COOLA Day SPF 30 & Night Eye Cream Duo
The Great Barrier Cream- Fortifying Moisturizer: A powerful yet lightweight organic cream with nutrient-rich Sea Kelp actives and Blue Algae, that goes beyond hydration to fortify skin’s natural barrier. (LOVE IT! Seriously.)
COOLA The Great Barrier Cream
To purchase, click HERE. My sporty gray tee is linked too. xoxo❤️☀️?
COOLA skincare COOLA organic skincare collection COOLA skincare COOLA skincare
COOLA skincare COOLA skincare COOLA skincare

Quick Life Update:

Hey Friend!
It’s been eight and a half long months since I’ve created a blog post. ;-( I’m sorry it’s been so long. Please forgive me.
I have some more blog posts planned between now and the end of the year; I promise that this won’t be the last life update. So, I am keeping it brief.


This fall, I will be entering my third year as a PhD student in the English Department at the University of Oregon. My time in the program has passed quickly, just like I thought it would. School is as rigorous and demanding as one might expect. While it certainly hasn’t been easy, everything has gone well and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the support of my colleagues and professors.


Can you believe that the twins will be 22 years old at the end of August?! I can’t. They are both doing well and thriving, taking their time getting through college, enjoying learning and loving life. I have enjoyed spending some much needed quality time at home in Vancouver, WA with them this summer. They are incredible humans and I am infinitely proud of each of them.

Health and Fitness

One of the reasons I took a break from social media and blogging is because I was having some health concerns. Luckily, it was nothing too serious. However, I have had to be very careful about managing my stress (which can contribute to lots of health problems). As usual, I have been keeping up with my workouts. I recently shed 10 lbs. of winter and stress weight by being more strict about my intermittent fasting and increasing the duration of my workouts. Every time I drop weight (since reaching middle age) I say this, but I hope to maintain it for longer than six months this time! 😉
I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for stopping by to check on me.  I will be in touch again SOON!