The Benefits of Short Workouts

Are Short workouts a Waste of Time? forty and fit bikini body forty and fit bikini body The Benefits of Short Workouts the benefits of shorter workouts Holly Lowe Jones The Benefits of Short Workouts forty and fit bikini body The Benefits of Short Workouts the benefits of shorter workouts forty and fit bikini body forty and fit bikini body forty and fit bikini body forty and fit bikini body benefits of short workouts Are short workouts a waste of time?

Happy Tuesday!

I have really been struggling with my weight management lately, but this happens to me every winter. Rather than get down on myself about it, all I can do is try to fight against it, and not give up.

The main reason I gain weight in the winter is because I become less active. The other obvious reason is that I am more sedentary now that I am in school. Sitting all day, whether it’s on the computer, typing, or reading, is not good for weight maintenance!

So, I’ve been trying to be more active throughout the day, even if it’s only in short bursts.  This reminded me of an article I had published in Rolling Out magazine a few years ago, about the benefits of short workouts. It still applies and is a useful reminder right now. I’ve reposted the article below.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” –Stephen R. Covey

Rainy season has begun in the great Pacific Northwest, and I find myself skipping workouts more frequently. With impending work, family, and holiday demands, it’s been way too easy to excuse myself from my usual exercise regimen.

However, I do always manage to sneak in a couple hours of fitness activity a week, no matter how busy I am. Sometimes I wonder if my short sessions are even worth it, so I decided to refresh my memory and do some research. Just as I thought, working out for just 15 minutes–on most days of the week–can have significant benefits.

According to a feature on ABC News, the more overweight and out of shape you are, the greater the benefit will be. Cardiovascular (heart healthy) fitness can improve in just a few weeks of short bouts of exercise if the intensity level is high enough. This can be really encouraging for someone just starting out, who fatigues after the first few minutes of exercise.

Although experts recommend a minimum of 30 continuous minutes of moderate to high-intensity activity five times per week, health benefits can be achieved in less than half of that.

An article in the New York Times reported that “even a single minute of intense exercise, embedded within an otherwise easy ten-minute workout can improve fitness and health.” If you’re like 80 percent of Americans who are reportedly too busy to meet the minimum exercise requirements for optimal health, you’re fooling yourself.

Being crunched for time is literally and scientifically not an excuse.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has found that to maintain (or even lose) weight and improve health and fitness, you can get away with just 75 minutes of (vigorous) activity per week. That’s only 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Of course, if you have more time, even better. Be sure to include at least 2 sessions of strength training and work up to five hours of moderate exercise per week, or two and a half hours of high intensity movement.

Things to Remember: Interval training equals vigorous training.

You want to do at least 30 seconds of (very uncomfortable, between 7 and 9 on the RPE Scale) of high-intensity training. This should be interspersed with three to four minutes of recovery (low to moderate effort). In as little as three weeks, you can see improvements in cardiovascular capacity, oxygen utilization, energy, and blood sugar levels.

     To sum it up, the shorter the length of the workout, the harder your output should be. Instead of blaming your busy schedule for your inactive and out-of-shape lifestyle, focus on getting the best fitness and health return on your exercise investment!

Revisiting this information was useful for me; I hope it was for you too!

The photos I’ve included in this post are from last March. I did a strict, five week diet and fitness regimen, and by being disciplined, I achieved some great results. I am using these pics as motivation to stay focused and consistent. Use your own photos as motivation! 🙂

Wishing you health and happiness,


How to Do A Complete Strength-Training Workout in Twenty Minutes

*The following post was written in 2014 when I was still competing and training in triathlon. I still use this same 20 minute workout on a regular basis in addition to other forms of exercise. -1/19/21

When I was a personal trainer, I often gave my clients full-body strength-training routines.

I believe in doing sets without rest and compound movements that utilize the larger muscle groups. By doing this you will burn more calories and save time.

I spend very little time doing strength-training but what I do is impacting and accomplishes a lot in a short amount of time. One of my most frequently asked questions is, ”Do you lift weights?” and “How did you get your legs and arms so ripped?”

Here’s one of my secrets to achieving a tight, toned and sculpted physique in about 20 minutes, three to four days a week.

1. Bicycle Crunch. This is my favorite abdominal exercise because it engages the entire rectus abdominus (the six-pack muscles, including the obliques (the side muscles that create a narrow waistline) and lower abs (the pouch area). I do 40-120 reps.

2. Squats. The squat is a super exercise. It utilizes the quadriceps (front of the leg), the hamstrings (back of the leg), and the glutes (the booty). Because these are the largest muscle groups in the body, they burn more calories when used. Squats are also great for stabilizing your muscles, creating symmetry, and actually increasing flexibility. They are an asset to any athlete or fitness novice.

3. Dumbbell Deadlift. This is one of the secrets to having a nice apple shaped bottom. Maintaining proper alignment in this exercise is crucial or else you will end up recruiting more back muscles than butt muscles.

4. Bent-Over Row. This exercise will tighten, tone and strengthen your upper back, and the ”lats,” the larger muscles that run along the sides of your back.

5. Dips. These can be done from a sturdy chair, coffee table, or weight bench. They will strengthen and firm your triceps, the upper back of the arms that are a common flabby area on many women.

6. Alternating Bicep Curls. I prefer to alternate my bicep curls so that I can concentrate on proper form, and contracting each muscle without rocking back and forth.

7. Overhead Shoulder Press (Standing). Although I love working my shoulders in a variety of ways, when I’m pressed for time, this is the one I choose. Having sculpted shoulders adds symmetry to your physique and creates the illusion of having a slimmer waist.

8. Donkey Kickback. From all-fours, cradle the dumbbell between the back of your bent leg. Raise the leg up and down while engaging the glutes and hamstrings.

9. Dumbbell Chest-Press. While lying down on your back, press the dumbbells up towards the ceiling, fully straightening the arms and rotating the palms in, and return to starting position. This strengthens your chest muscles and helps keep your boobs perky!

10. Jump-rope. To get even more bang for your buck, jump-rope for 1-2 minutes in between your strength-training sets. You will shred fat, and increase your cardiovascular fitness at the same time!

Complete each exercise for 15-20 repetitions. Not sure how to properly execute an exercise? Google it or look it up on You Tube.

Repeat the entire circuit for an even longer, body-sculpting, fat-blasting workout. Do this workout 3-4 days per week, consistently, and you will achieve the firm physique you’ve always wanted!

Get it Tight; Get it Right! 🙂


P.S. Looking for fitness pics of me instead of Nicki Minaj? Check here and here. 😉


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Purely Inspired NEW Non-Stimulant Supplements

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Happy Thursday!

If you follow my fitness journey, you know that I’m a big fan of Purely Inspired Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia supplement. Their line of supplements gives me the support and energy I need to stick to my exercise and diet program. The best part is that they are totally affordable!

With my busy school schedule, sleep is a valuable commodity. I can’t afford to take supplements that keep me awake at night.

So, I was super excited to try Purely Inspired’s new line of non-stimulant supplements. I’ve noticed that they really help increase my strength and power during workouts. My muscles also recover faster, which makes it easier to stay consistent.
The 1st term of my PhD program has not been easy; time-management has been my biggest issue. I have been unable to fit exercise into my everyday schedule like usual.

The Purely Inspired line of supplements gives me the support and energy I need to make the most out of each workout, at a price I can afford!

Their new non-stimulant products include Turmeric Lean, Adaptogen+Lean, CLA L-Carn+Lean, and Forskolin+Lean.

The two-piece workout set that I’m wearing is from Amazon. Cute, but runs small! I think the all black is sold out, but there are other colors, and it’s only $2o for the set! Just size up.

I have been unbelievably occupied with school; twelve hour days are the norm.

But, I hope to chat with you very soon,



I partnered with Purely Inspired Nutrition.
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Charcoal Gray Vneck Pocket Tee + My Workout Routine for One Week

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Happy Tuesday Friends,

I like this charcoal basic v-neck pocket tee from Amazon because it has a relaxed fit. You may have noticed that lots of the stock photos on Amazon show a loose-fit but they actually aren’t.  This one actually is! It’s $18 and comes in eight colors. Wearing a size small for reference. The only thing I’m not crazy about is placement of the pocket.

I just got back from a run along the Columbia River.

I frequently run in my neighborhood, but whenever I need some motivation (which is often), I drive somewhere beautiful because it makes the run so much more enjoyable. In addition to improving my fitness, I use the time to reflect, meditate and pray. Check my IG stories to see video from my run! 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you my workout schedule for the week prior, and I’m going to try to make that a regular thing. I forgot to do it last week, but here it is.

My Workout Schedule for Week Before Last

Monday 8/3 – 4.01 miles

Tuesday 8/4– 3.01 miles

Wednesday 8/5– 3.28 miles

Thursday 8/6– 2.52 miles + 2 NTC workouts (15 min glutes, 10 min core)

Friday 8/7– 2.01 miles + NTC workout (30 min full-body, core, stability)

Saturday 8/8– 8.01 miles

Sunday 8/9– 3.52 miles

I’ve currently jogged 55 miles so far this month, and I’m slowly but surely getting faster.

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.