Pastel Tie Dye Sweatshirt and Mom Jeans

pastel tie-dye sweatshirt pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans pastel tie-dye sweatshirt and mom jeans

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     These exact items I’m wearing are sold out ☹️ but I’ve linked some cute similar ones below. ⠀

      I’m trying to motivate myself to take pics today; I haven’t been in the mood for a few weeks (this may have something to do with all the holiday eating… I’m feeling puffy lol).

     I am grateful that I am able to earn money as a social media influencer, but like any other job, I am not always enthusiastic about doing the work.
     The rain and lack of sunlight always but a damper on my blogger life. 🙁 I’m also feeling slightly anxious about this week. I’m still trying to spend time with my family, but also preoccupied with worrying about being more prepared for next term than I was in the fall.
     Anyhow, that’s what’s on my mind and agenda for today.  I hope you’re having a good day so far.



P.S. Everyone asks about these slides! They are sold out but found a very similar pair here.

amazon fashion

Camo Hoodie

soft green camo hoodie amazon finds soft green camo hoodie soft green camo hoodie
best fall outfit ideas

Happy Monday Friends!

?I’m loving this camo hoodie because the fabric is super cozy and soft. I wear it ALL the time!
It’s the last day of the month, so I just wanted to quickly stop by and say hello.  This is the final week of classes for my first term at UO.  I would be lying if I said it’s been easy! This week and next will be stressful, but I will get through it.
I enjoyed family time with my loved ones over the past few days. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (or Family Day for those who don’t observe Thanksgiving)!
By the way, I am having my FIRST giveaway (sponsored by ME) over on Instagram! Check my stories for instructions to enter.  Contest winner will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020. The prize is self-care themed and worth $350!
Have a great week!



amazon fashion

Pastel Tie-Dye Two-piece Biker Shorts Set

tie-dye two piece setamazon finds tie-dye two piece set biker shorts set pastel tie-dye two piece set pastel tie-dye two piece biker shorts set tie-dye two piece set

Happy Sunday,

Remember this $20 pastel tie-dye set from Amazon? This is the softest of all my Amazon clothing. It’s soft enough to sleep in, but not see-through, so you can wear it out of the house. I rarely wear it as a set, but I have definitely gotten a lot of use out of these two pieces!
If tie-dye isn’t for you, I hear you, but it will always hold a special place in my heart ???‍♀️. This set comes in several solid colors as well!
Today, I am going to spend a little bit of time with the family.  We are going to go to breakfast before my daughter has to go to work. After that, I plan to work on content for upcoming campaigns, and of course, school work.  I will head back to Eugene late tonight or early tomorrow morning.
Have a great day,


Having a collection of pretty blouses is such a necessity. It’s so easy to put an outfit together for work or play when you have an assortment of elegantly detailed tops in your closet. 

I’m happy that I’ve been keeping up with posting regularly for the past few months, especially considering that I neglected my blog for about seven months (eek!) while I was focusing on running my business last year. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up! 

I’ve been so fortunate to work with many amazing brands, and Downeast is definitely one of my favorites. They have a great selection of affordable casuals that can be styled for business or pleasure. 

If there’s one thing I suggest you invest in, it’s a variety of lovely blouses! They’re so effortless and chic to style. 
DOWNEAST Fancy Couterie Blouse
LC by Lauren Conrad jeans (similar here)
BUENO Leopard bag