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Yesterday, I was watching a group of kids at summer day camp eat their sack lunches in the grass. I was flooded with memories of my own childhood summers, and finding things for the twins to do each summer when they were younger.
When I was growing up, I was never a big fan of day camps,  but for four summers, I attended a two-week overnight camp. I eventually became a Junior Counselor and worked there for two months, my 4th and final summer.
The memories I made going to camp– a REAL, traditional camp– were priceless.
Everything you could imagine one doing at camp, we did it: horseback riding, canoeing, learning all the ins and outs of camping (from pitching a tent to setting a fire), songs around a campfire, archery, pool and lake swimming, talent shows, arts and crafts, all-camp games like “Find the Flag,” sockhop dances (do the young people even know what a sockhop is?)… it was amazing. ?I had my first kiss at summer camp, playing “Truth or Dare,” and I am still friends with that person to this day! ?Lol (IYKYK).
What’s funny is, my first week at overnight camp (which was about three hours away from home, up on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin), I sent dramatic letters home, every single day, to my parents BEGGING them to come pick me up.  I was not a lover of the outdoors. Dirt and bugs were not for me! I later learned that these letters were a source of great humor for my parents. ??
Obviously, after my first week, I fell completely in love with the outdoor experience.?☀️????
My Dad and my bestie @aisharc sent letters and care packages for each summer that I was there, letting me know that I was loved and missed. They meant so much to me–I even saved some of them.
Did you ever attend an overnight camp as a kid? How long was it? If you have kids, do they attend day or night camp?
*Reposted from original Instagram post, 7/22/21.