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Happy Sunday! ??

These photos are from early February of last year, just before all of the pandemic madness.  Mike was still working in Seattle and had a place in Redmond, which is where these pics were taken. Little did I know, in less than two weeks I would be accepted into a PhD program at UO. Like most people, we have been through so many changes over the past twelve months!
I found this Wild Fable brand, salmon color, long-sleeve tee on clearance at Target. Check the bottom of this post for similar ones.

Since I have been consumed with my Phd program (as will be the case for the foreseeable future), I thought I’d share a school-related Q&A from my Instagram DM below:
I so enjoy your page and watching you embrace your gray hair. A couple of questions about your PhD program and how you’re enjoying it? I’ve written a few novels myself, and poetry.  I’ve actually been looking at the program at University of Oregon. Two questions: How do you like living out there? What are you planning on doing with your PhD in English? I thought, if I get one, what would I do with it?
1. To answer your question about living in the Pacific Northwest— (Washington State and Oregon) are BEAUTIFUL, but extremely white.  It’s the whitest place I’ve ever been and lived in, and I’ve experienced whiteness in multiple U.S. states.  If you are interested in moving out this way, you would have to be prepared for that and be willing to deal with it.
There are historical reasons why the whiteness is on a different level here. Different from, say, Indiana, which is where I grew up. I suggest watching this if you have some free time:
Also, I would google the right wing militia groups that are prevalent in the PNW (read more about this here).
2. How am I enjoying the program and what do I plan to do with my PhD??
That’s the million dollar question for PhD students. I am enjoying it a great deal, but I am exhausted and it’s extremely demanding.  Leaves little to no time for anything else. The whiteness of the program can be frustrating, but I knew that would be the case before I accepted their offer.  And they are trying to change that, hence bringing in more graduate students of color like myself. Overall, I feel tremendously grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity.
In short, I have big aspirations. A few of my academic idols include: bell hooks, Toni Morrison & Cornel West. They all write and publish extensively, yet they continue to teach (while Morrison was still alive, God rest her soul, this applied to her as well).
Most PhD students (at least in the humanities) have aspirations of teaching at a University. I share that goal, but, like most writers, I also hope to write and publish until I no longer can.
Hope this helps! I’m not sure what type of academic background you have or what genre of writing you do, but if you are a creative writer, a PhD might not be a route that you would enjoy. You may want to look at MFA programs instead. 

Well, I have to get started on my school work now. I have two weeks left of classes this term, and then one week of finals.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!



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