It feels good to create a blog post after so long. I’ve been longing to digitally re-connect with my friends (near and far) and family again. Thank you for stopping by and for continuing to care about what and how I’m doing, despite my lengthy absence.

I’ve Been Gone Too Long

Allow me to explain why it’s been over a year since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve spent the past thirteen months traveling (usually weekly) back and forth between Portland, OR and Riverside, CA as a MA student in English and writing instructor at La Sierra University.  I have also been working full-time as a social media manager for Honey Baby Naturals and Urban Therapy, all while surviving the extremely busy senior years of my 18-year old twins, Jordan and Nile!
I daydreamed of creating some content for my own blog, but could never seem to make time with so much homework, work, and parenting priorities looming over me. I am finally home for the summer, so I can (sort of) justify making a little more time for myself.  However, I am still taking three online/hybrid classes, running my business, and helping the twins prep for college! It’s a busy and exciting time.

While I haven’t been posting to or to my social media accounts, I have continued to photo journal my life and travels.  I have so much to share with you, I wasn’t sure where to begin when I sat down to write this. As I was thumbing through my photos, I was instantly drawn into the images from my spring trip to Sedona, AZ. I am still in awe at the majestic beauty of this magical place. Sedona was definitely a highlight of the first half of 2019, and one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever had the privilege to visit.


I attended the Sedona retreat with my childhood friends, Marlena and Mundi, who are like sisters to me.  They are sisters, and we grew up together in Miller Beach in Gary, IN. Our parents were (and still are) friends and I was five years old when we met. We’ve been family ever since.  
The retreat was hosted by Naima Woodson of BeachbumWisdom. There were 4 other women in attendance, for a total of 8. I attended another Beachbum Wisdom retreat a few years ago in Ojai, CA.  For both retreats, I attended with the intention of spiritual renewal and union. Both journeys were rewarding and replenishing physically, mentally and spiritually. 
Sedona is known for its powerful energy, which is strong enough to transform and manifest in remarkable ways. We stayed in a beautiful home in the mountains, surrounded by nature.  We visited the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park and Rachel’s Knoll, both of which were totally amazing. Learn more about Sedona here.
Our delicious and healthy meals were prepared by Marlena of

The retreat was at the end of May.  It was tough to find time go because the twins seemed to have an endless number of senior activities, including prom and more.  Particularly since they are in completely different activities (my daughter is in theatre, and my son is an athlete), and went to two different high schools, I was lucky that I was able to squeeze in this trip. 
I am looking forward to catching you up on the past year and getting back to posting regularly. Many thanks for not forgetting about me!
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