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Payot Body Gift Set

Taking relaxing, hot baths is part of my weekly self-care routine. The PAYOT FACE AND BODY HYDRATION SET helps make bath time luxurious & keeps my skin moisturized.?
Payot Face and Body Hydration Set
—> Payot “Must-Have” FACE AND BODY HYDRATION SET includes:⠀

- Hydra 24+ Crème Glacée: Daily moisturizing and plumping care, ideal for normal to dry skin. This silky, rich, and satin-soft cream melts deliciously into the skin for intense 24-hour hydration.⠀
– Gentle Oil-In-Foam Cleanser: Relaxing cleanser for the shower with Jasmin extract. FREE⠀
– Comforting Silky Milk: 24-hour body hydrating milk with the multi-flower honey extract. FREE
?Set Value: 3 products offered for the price of Hydra 24+ Crème Glacée $48⠀
-featured in @Essence ⠀
**I highly recommend!?
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Rexaline Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

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Happy Saturday,

Rexaline was one of the first high-end skincare brands to extend an opportunity to collaborate when I began blogging about skincare about a year ago.
???It is on the expensive side, but the quality reflects the price. I love how hydrated, smooth, and refreshed both of these products make my skin feel.  I took these photos in the morning with no makeup on after using these two moisturizers. ?⠀
??? Rexaline ?????-??????? ?????? ?????????? ??????????? serum is a real shot of energy.
It helps resist the physical and emotional imbalances which cause signs of exhaustion on the face. Lord knows I can use that, haha!⠀
???????, a rare and precious stone of volcanic origin ? neutralizes the effects of daily stress and eliminates any trace of fatigue. ?
[Tightened: +71%⠀
Increased glow: 81%⠀
Toned: 84%]⠀
??? Rexaline ?????-???? ?????-????????? ???????????? ?????⠀
is a best-seller specially formulated to compensate for skin water loss that leads to aging. This powerful cream effectively hydrates, re-densifies the skin, makes the complexion more radiant and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also makes the best makeup primer! ⠀
?????? ??????? limits skin water loss and improves barrier function, while the Hyaluronic Acid Duo works to prevent and combat the signs of aging. ⠀
[Hydrated: +77%⠀
Smoothed: 100%⠀
Glow: 97%]⠀
I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. 🙂
PS. I took these photos on a short trip to Florence, Oregon.