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Primera Skincare Review

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Hey Friends,
     Since Primera gifted me a couple of their products, I’ve learned what is meant by K-Beauty and Clean Beauty. I thought I knew what Clean Beauty meant, but I was wrong. ??‍♀️Do you know what these beauty categories mean? I didn’t start following beauty and skincare trends until this year and I’m still learning! 😉 Primera skincare is Clean, K-Beauty.
     “K-Beauty is an umbrella term for skin-care products that are derived from South Korea,” and “focuses on skin health, hydration and a preferred lack of pigment” according to Wikipedia. Their skincare focuses on “brightening” and I hope that does not mean bleaching, but I honestly have not thoroughly looked into this.  Brightening products are very popular right now, whether K-beauty or not.⠀
     As defined by, Clean Beauty is “made without ingredients shown or suspected to harm human health.” They are mindfully created without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients.  This was new information for me, as I’d assumed “Clean Beauty” meant it didn’t contain environmentally harmful ingredients.

•Primera skincare is CRAFTED FROM SEED TO SKIN.⠀
•Pure. Potent. Planet-friendly.⠀
•Your shortcut to great skin: Plant-focused products that unlock skin’s natural glow with seed extracts and oils pressed at the peak of potency.⠀
?I am not wearing any makeup in these photos (foundation or powder or anything on my face). I did my eyebrows and put a little highlight eyeshadow (1 color) on my lid, tinted lip balm, and a little bit of concealer under my eyes.

1.) Primera Mild Facial Peeling Gel: Exfoliate + Smooth⠀

?This innovative, non-abrasive gel improves texture by gently exfoliating dry, dull surface cells and polishing skin, leaving it feeling soft, silky, and hydrated⠀
• Contains Broccoli Sprout Extract⠀
Helps clarify the skin⠀

2.) Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream: Hydrate + Glow⠀

? A delicately-dewy cream that sinks in instantly while providing lasting hydration and nourishment⠀
•Contains Alpine Berry Complex™⠀
-Quenches dry skin and locks in moisture, while maintaining a fresh, lightweight feel.⠀
•Coconut-derived Oil ⠀
-Nourishes and helps soothe dryness⠀
•Artemisia Extract ⠀
-A soothing botanical, helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.⠀
??Primera products are formulated without any harmful ingredients.⠀
??So far I am impressed and loving both of these skincare products! ?⠀
Hope you have a great day,

*This collaboration was courtesy of Octoly + Primera

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Sdara Skincare + Derma Roller

sdara derma roller
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Sdara derma roller sdara skincare system sdara derma roller Sdara skincare sdara derma roller sdara derma roller Sdara Skincare
Happy Friday!
*I recently tried the Sdara Skincare system for the first time! Have you heard of the Sdara derma roller? It has over 6,000 great reviews on Amazon!
The derma roller allows you to do micro needling at home, so you can save $ and get amazing results on your own without expensive treatments with an aesthetician. ⠀
■ The SDARA derma roller uses 192 real stainless steel needles. Titanium disks work well but real needles will give better results over time! AND it’s under $30!⠀
Key Derma Roller Benefits (Step One):
•  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling under eyes with caution.⠀
•  Exfoliates for a fresh, smooth complexion.⠀
•  Improves the appearance of acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. ⠀
•  Helps skin care formulas absorb effectively. ⠀
After rolling, I applied their Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid for intense moisture and absorption. ⠀
Vitamin C Serum Benefits (Step Two):⠀
■The Vitamin C Serum for skin is formulated for luminous, youthful-looking skin⠀
■ Sdara Vitamin C benefits for skin include healthy collagen production⠀
■ Vitamin C Serum benefits for skin will transform the appearance of a dull complexion, giving you a healthy glow⠀
■ Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C support elasticity ⠀
I also received the Sdara Hydrating Sheet Mask and the Mineral Sunscreen (reef safe). The sunscreen is full-coverage, so a pea-sized amount is all that’s needed!
I have linked everything at the bottom of this post. Very excited to add this system to my routine! ?⠀


*Sdara gifted me this set.